About Me

I am a psychic reader who’s goal is to help my clients connect with the spiritual and supernatural elements of their lives, and in turn learn more about themselves and the people around them. I have always been very intuitive, and at a young age, I decided to learn the ins and outs of different types of psychic readings. I studied with a prominent psychic in my community, who taught me how to connect with the spirit world, as well as how to interpret the energies of my clients and use them to gather important information about their lives.

I am trained in a wide variety of psychic reading techniques. Generally, I am a clairvoyant who can see events that are relevant to my clients after connecting with them and reading their energies. I also have training in tarot card reading, palmistry, basic numerology, and astrology, and sometimes use these techniques to help my clients better interpret the world around them as well. During a reading, my main concern is addressing the problems and issues that my clients face. We will start off by doing an assessment to see what the most relevant issues are to you; for example, maybe you’ve had a recent death in the family that you would like to work through, or you want to learn what is coming next for you in terms of your career or your romantic relationships. Then, we’ll determine what course of action is best for you to get the most informative results.

There are several ways to book a reading with me. You can contact me by phone, email, or social media to inquire about any open appointments. It is best to book a few weeks in advance, as that is when I have the best availability. I am available for both in-person and online readings. However, my abilities are limited with online readings as I cannot connect to the energy in the room in the same way.